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Do you need contemporary wall decoration ideas? DECORIAN solution could be a wall and ceilings decorating using paints and plaster by OIKOS, Silk Plaster, Magnat in applying for which we have extensive experience.   You can see various DECORIAN finishes in well established London restaurants such as:

London Victoria

– Thomas Cubitt

– The Orange

London Oxford circus station

– Percy & Founders

– The Larder

Decorative plasters are used to give a tasteful look to surfaces. The finish depends on the type of plaster and a method used to apply it.

Interior decorative plasters have various textures allowing endless options of wall finish. The plasters are durable and resistant to mechanical deterioration. Moreover, they don’t absorb humidity from its environment.

People tend to search for attractive and unusual ideas which will highlight interior style or dramatically change its character. Decorative plasters can be a perfect solution. When applied on walls, these finishes resemble natural stone, skin, paper, old plaster or concrete. Their texture may also be totally abstract, shiny or folded which gives an interesting and unusual effect. These products can be used to create unique interiors tailored to your preferences, interior style and the concept.

When to use decorative plasters?

To emphasise and establish a focal point within a space.

Decorative plasters are a perfect way to accentuate the areas which should stand out in an interior be it the head of a  bed, a wall with a chimney breast in the living room or background for a piece of art in the dining room. This eye-catching decor draws attention and constitutes a predominant feature in a room.

To protect walls.

Some decorative plasters are water and dirt resistant. They can thus be a superb alternative to ceramic tiles and costly stone or glass wall cladding. The plasters are applied in bathrooms, kitchens as well as boiler rooms, garages, pantries and cellars where they create cosy and comfortable interiors.

To arrange space in an unusual and unique way.

Sometimes colour is not enough. When you are looking for unique ideas and your expectations are beyond the hues available in colour charts, you may consider using decorative plaster. A huge diversity of colours, textures as well as endless possibilities of an application can satisfy even most demanding tastes.